Former Method players form new World First-caliber raiding guild

They're back.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A new World of Warcraft raiding guild is coming in Shadowlands, and it looks strikingly similar to one that racked up a handful of World First Cutting Edge kills during Battle for Azeroth

A Twitter account with the handle EchoGuild posted a video yesterday announcing the formation of a top-tier raiding squad that includes members of WoW’s most well-known organization Method. 

The former Method members left the guild following turmoil amid sexual harassment allegation brought to the forefront regarding a healer from the guild, MethodJosh.

While Josh was dismissed from the organization quickly, his history with sexual misconduct incidents involving teenage girls that ended with no action taken by Method unsettled many.

With Method enduring a mass exodus of talent, players, and sponsors, there was an increasingly vast pool of world class free agents on the competitive WoW market, but now many of them seemed to have found a home in Echo.

Rocking a flashy, yet clean, red and black logo, the newly announced guild boasts a plethora of former Method talent, and could effectively become Method 2.0 as far as raiding is concerned.

Out of the 20 players that were in during Method’s World Second N’Zoth the Corruptor kill, at least 15 of them were listed during Echo’s promo video. The notable exclusions to Echo’s announcement were MethodJosh, and Method’s co-founder and CEO Scott “Sco” McMillan, who was one of the guild’s main tanks.

The video Echo posted showing members of the roster has a number of players who stand out including popular DPS studs like Fragnance and Gingi as well as perhaps one of the best tank players in the world Naowh, who raided with Complexity Limit during the Ny’alotha race before being poached by Method for Shadowlands.

The names pop up so quickly during the promo video that it’s difficult to catch them all. Here’s a list of all 28 of those names in case you might have missed a few:

Clickz, Deepshades, Fragnance, Fleks, Gingi, Grim, Jeath, Justwait, Klaus, Kuriisu, Kush, Lørgok, Meeres, Mini, Scribe, Naowh, Narcolies, Nnoggie, Perfecto, Philwestside, Potter, Pottm, Reeves, RogerBrown, Rycn, Zaelia, Swagster, and Xerwo.

The guild won’t be raiding until Shadowlands’ first raid comes out (likely late in the fall or early next year), but as a part of the Echo’s debut, the guild is raising money on its new Twitch channel for anti-child sexual abuse charity INHOPE and mental health care charity RAD throughout the day today.