Forget Cheetos. Pokimane has a new snack for gamers—and it’s healthy

A welcome sight.

Pokimane eating a Myna cookie.
Image via Myna

Pokimane has launched a new, healthy food product meant to be a safe alternative for snack-hungry gamers. She co-founded Myna Snacks, which offers gamers low-sugar, vitamin-rich “Midnight Mini Cookies.”

The popular streamer was inspired by a poor diet and the lack of healthy snack options for munching gamers. “Most snacks were filled with things I couldn’t feel good about. So we created Myna,” Pokimane says on the company’s website.

Pokimane told USA Today that, after experiencing health issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, she tried to get back to eating healthy but couldn’t find good options. “I went on a health journey in 2021 and realized there aren’t many good food options. If I wanted a good-tasting snack, it would be filled with unhealthy stuff. If I found something healthy, it would taste nasty,” she said.

The product, marketed with natural ingredients, boasts a healthy option for gamers who cannot scratch that snacking itch. The company’s website claims the Midnight Mini Cookies don’t contain any GMO or artificial ingredients, nor do they have grain. Instead, everything is plant-based, rich in Vitamin D, and gluten-free.

One package, which includes four bags of Myna cookies, costs $28. Buyers can subscribe to periodic deliveries and even opt for the Myna Snack Club, which includes discounts, surprise gifts from Pokimane, and free shipping.

Pokimane has partnered with industry veteran Darcey Macken to ensure the product’s success. The company plans to perform market evaluations to ensure the product’s readiness for a retail launch. Pokimane joins an increasing number of creators who have launched gaming-oriented products, with the most notable recent examples being KSI and Logan Paul with their Prime drink.

Gaming products usually were met with some criticism due to their formulae and ingredients, making Pokimane’s cookies a step in the right direction. The importance of maintaining one’s health cannot be overstated, and it’s vital to keep an eye on good, healthy options.


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