For Dr Disrespect’s alter ego, Twitch was the only choice

"It's home baby."

Photo via MLG

Guy Beahm is one of the few people on Twitch who lives up to his stage name and transforms himself into a different person when he’s streaming. 

The Dr Disrespect persona is unforgettable to anyone who’s spent time watching his Twitch channel. And yesterday, he announced that fans will be seeing him on Twitch for at least the next two years. 

While the Two-Time joins a slew of other influencers who have stuck with Twitch during the streaming war, including TimTheTatman, Pokimane, Lirik, and DrLupo, his decision to stay has a unique spin that the others didn’t. Not only did Beahm have to decide what was best for himself, but he had to decide what was best for “Dr Disrespect” as well. 

In an interview with The Verge, Beahm opened up about the decision and the personality that he’s cultivated on Twitch since becoming a full-time streamer in 2015. 

“It’s the platform of my choice simply because it’s embedded,” Beahm said.

But for his alter ego, the decision to stay with Twitch came in part because of the fan base that he’s built. 

“I think they see a lot of confidence in him,” Beahm said. “They feel empowered by him. There’s something there where they see this guy and he’s so cocky, so confident, so over the top, but he can still relate to you.”

With a plethora of brand partners and pop culture appearances, Dr Disrespect has grown to become more than anything Beahm could have expected. But with his following on Twitch continually growing, it was clear that the two-time Esports Awards Streamer of the Year needed to stay with his current platform to build on the momentum he’s been generating for a while now. 

“We’ve got that weight-16 bowling ball and it’s going down the fast lane,” he said on stream yesterday. “The pistons are moving. The momentum is… you can feel it, right, but we’re not there yet.”