FaZe Kalei claims she didn’t get a captain spot in a Warzone event due to her ‘oversexual tweets’

Kalei's content comes under fire again.

Screengrab via FaZe Kalei

Activision may have denied popular content creator and prolific Call of Duty Warzone player Kalei a captain spot in one of FaZe Clan’s Warzone events because of her “oversexual tweets,” she claimed in a since-deleted tweet.

The World Series of Warzone is back beginning this month, offering Warzone players a chance to win thousands of dollars and an opportunity to play against some of the most notable names in the scene. Each team is led by a captain, typically a Call of Duty pro or streamer. Kalei has made appearances in countless Warzone tournaments, so many creators noticed her absence from the lineup.

Responding to fellow content creator THump, Kalei said she’s “not allowed to be captain in any Activision hosted tournaments” because the company supposedly took issue with her tweets. In a now-deleted tweet reposted by Jake Lucky, Kalei slammed Activision for double standards regarding its decision.

“Wasn’t allowed to get a captain spot in our own faze tourney due to activision literally not liking my **oversexual tweets**,” Kalei said. “But yet the same company has a [profile picture] of a creators ass cheek as their [avatar] on a company twitter.” Fellow creators were quick to support Kalei, pointing out sexual tweets sent by Call of Duty’s official accounts.

Kalei went on to say that she had no problem with the company posting explicit content but took issue with her treatment. This is certainly not the first time the FaZe streamer has encountered this issue. Back in October, she was banned from Twitch for sexually suggestive content.

Though developers have shown support for Kalei, it seems that she’ll have to sit this event out for the time being.