Facebook Gaming won’t replace Mixer on the Xbox One dashboard

Microsoft wants to “give gamers choice”

Image via Microsoft

On June 22, Mixer shut down and entered a partnership with Facebook Gaming—but the deal won’t bring along all of Mixer’s privileges with Microsoft.

Mixer used to be the one streaming service integrated directly into the Xbox One dashboard (along with some of Microsoft’s first-party games like Forza Horizon 4). But Facebook Gaming won’t replace Mixer on the console dashboard.

Larry Hryb, or Xbox’s Major Nelson, confirmed this in a comment on Reddit. “If you are asking if the current Mixer integration in the dashboard is just going to become Facebook Gaming,” wrote. “The answer is no.” 

The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, meanwhile said that we “give gamers choice” in a reply to a question over whether the Xbox will have an easy way to stream using other apps.

Xbox One has always allowed players to stream to platforms other than Mixer, like Twitch, but Microsoft made Mixer the preferred platform for Xbox streams. It’s likely that Facebook Gaming will enter the dashboard in the future, but it won’t be as prominent as it was with Mixer.