Facebook Gaming expands music streaming protection to Level Up Creators

Level Up creators can listen to some copyrighted music now.

Image via Facebook

Facebook Gaming is continuing its effort to protect its creators from potential issues with the Digital Media Copyright Act (DMCA). 

The platform announced today that it’s expanding protection for its streamers who want to use copyrighted music in the background during their livestreams to include its “Level Up” creators, which is a tier below being a “partnered” streamer on Facebook.

The move comes nearly a year after the platform announced that it had worked with top music labels to give partnered streamers the rights to have background music for popular songs from Universal, Warner, Sony, and Kobalt, among others.

Facebook is leading the industry in the way of giving streamers some level of music rights for streaming. Streamers on Twitch, in particular, have struggled over the past year to deal with numerous DMCA-related issues.

While there are many songs that streamers can listen to while streaming on Facebook Gaming, the platform noted today that there are “a few restricted tracks … but they’re rare.”

Image via Facebook Gaming

As a way to “celebrate” its efforts on the musical front, Facebook Gaming is holding a #Playloud event that will include popular musicians DJ Khaled, Diplo, and LP Giobbi to be aired on the official Facebook Gaming channel this month.