Everything you need to know about Among Us’ October beta

Anonymous voting, task bar visibility, and colorblind support are some of the tested features.

Image via InnerSloth

Breakout hit Among Us has received a new update in the form of an opt-in beta for Steam players. While no official patch notes exist, players have discovered the following added features: anonymous voting, task bar visibility, and colorblind support.

To gain access, head to Steam, right-click on the game, and open up properties. Head to the betas tab in the pop-up window and select “public-beta.” Android and iOS users won’t be able to access these features until they’re released for the official version.

Anonymous voting

Hosts gain the option to enable anonymous voting. Only vote counts are shown, while the identity of the viewer is hidden.

This option will add another potential obfuscation point for impostors. Right now, the only way to do so is to disable the “Confirm Ejects” option, which verifies the identity of the ejected person.

Task bar visibility

The task bar, which used to be permanently present for crewmates, can now be set to “Meetings” and “Never.”

This will make it harder for the crew to keep track of their own tasks and allow impostors to better lie about their whereabouts and doings.

Colorblind support

Electrical wires have been modified to now have corresponding shapes for colorblind players to match them.

Right now, colorblind players will likely still have a hard time dealing with some of the crewmates’ colors. Fixing the wires is a first small step and InnerSloth should continue to update and fix the game in small ways.