Everything to know about Reliable Ad Revenue on Twitch

Twitch seeks to create more predictable revenue for streamers.

Image via Twitch

Twitch has recently announced its new Reliable Ad Revenue initiative, a program meant to ensure more predictable streaming revenue for its content creators.

The streaming platform plans to build upon its Ads Manager with the Ads Incentive Program. With this new system, streamers will be able to earn a predictable, flat amount after streaming for a pre-set number of hours while running Twitch ads.

Twitch’s informative article on the new program outlines exactly how the program will work and who will be invited to use the Ads Incentive Program. The platform will send out incentive offers to select streamers. The Ads Incentive Program will only pull from active Affiliate and Partnered streamers. Selected streamers will see the offers in the Ads Manager dashboard.

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After receiving an offer, streamers will be able to select their preferred amount. Amounts are set to vary by content creator, with the streaming platform giving three different potential amounts for different amounts of ad time. For example, streamers will earn $100 to stream two minutes of ads per hour over 40 hours.

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Twitch will keep track of selected streamers’ progress as they broadcast the set amount of hours required by their offers. After content creators have completed the minimum number of hours, they can claim their agreed-upon incentives in the ad dashboard.

The streaming platform also touts that streamers will be able to continue earning their usual ad payouts outside of offer deals. This way, the Ad Incentive Program provides streamers a base level of earnings while allowing content creators a high revenue ceiling.

Twitch states they have implemented this new system in order to reduce “guesswork when it comes to your monthly ad payouts” and to facilitate the ad process for its content creators, allowing more time to focus on streaming.

Though this program will only extend to specified, invited content creators, Twitch hopes the Ad Incentive Program will empower a wide group of its content creators.