Esports talent agency Loaded tells Asmongold to "check those sweet DMs"

Asmon didn't know how to respond on stream.

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Esports talent agency Loaded is looking to reel in another one of Twitch’s biggest fish, and this time, they’re going after Asmongold.

Loaded represents many of the top content creators in gaming, and over the course of the past six months the agency’s has helped craft exclusive platform deals for influencers including Ninja (Mixer), Shroud (Mixer), and CouRage (YouTube).

Most recently, three of the agency’s biggest clients, Lirik, TimTheTatman, and DrLupo, all announced that they plan to stay with Twitch as a part of a multiyear deal. Those deals include compensation worth millions of dollars, according to sources reported by esports journalist Rod “Slasher” Breslau.

Following the news that another slew of Loaded clients were on their way to a payout, Asmongold jokingly tweeted from his stream inquiring, “how do I join loaded.” The influencer then spent time on stream discussing the news of the day with his audience.

It didn’t take long for Loaded to notice though. Despite the agency not even being tagged in Asmongold’s reply to Slasher’s tweet, the official Loaded account sent out a post telling the World of Warcraft streamer to “check those sweet DMs.”

Asmongold is not represented professionally, and in a video post to Twitter a few days ago, he even expressed how overwhelmed he is at times with all the professional requests he receives.

Even before getting a response on Twitter, Asmon wasn’t close-minded to the idea of joining an agency.

“I’m not a big company, agency guy, but we’ll see what happens,” he said after laughing right before he posted his tweet. “I’ve thought about actually signing with an agency. It’s a different agency.”