Erobb calls out Twitch Rivals for snub after first-place finish

Erobb lets loose.

Screengrab via Erobb

Erobb voiced his frustrations toward Twitch Rivals following his Mario Kart 8 Deluxe first place finish, as the hosts did not feature him in any clips or interviews or mention him by name.

Frequent viewers of Erobb know that he is not too accustomed to winning. The streamer very often finds himself on the front pages of the Live Stream Fails subreddit with a new “L” in some form or fashion. From leaking his credit card on stream to disconnecting from an almost sure-fire Mario Kart win, Erobb has almost seen it all.

The variety streamer was dedicated to turning his luck around, however, practicing Mario Kart 8 for days following his invitation to Twitch Rivals. On the day of the event, Erobb did incredibly well, finishing first place and earning $3,400 for charity.

As Erobb began to cheer however, he noticed that the casters failed to even mention him. “They won’t say my name,” Erobb noted. “I’m gonna say it, this is cringe. This is cringe as fuck.”

Clearly upset with his snub, Erobb continued. “At first I didn’t care. This is cringe as fuck. What the hell are they doing?”

The casters mostly spoke about the second place winner, MrLlamaSC, focusing on how he improved throughout the course of the event. When speaking about Erobb, the casters seemed to gloss over the streamer by stating he “got to be on the winning team.” Erobb took offense to the potential slight, asking, “are you serious?”

Viewers of the streamer speculated as to why Erobb got shortlisted from any interviews, primarily citing that the streamer was not particularly “brand-friendly.” Considering he was launching out a plethora of profanities during the event, Erobb was still visibly peeved at his snub.