DrLupo raises just under $1 million for St. Jude in 4.5 hours

St. Jude got a big boost from this stream.

Screengrab via DrLupo

Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo is a popular streamer who also uses his platform to give back to others. And today, DrLupo raised over $900,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hosptial.

In a stream that totaled just 271 minutes, DrLupo managed to raise an astonishing $920,343.98 for St. Jude. A chunk of that money came in the last hour from DrLupo’s friends and other big-name streamers like Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. For every minute the stream was on, the streamer basically brought in $3,396.10. This hefty sum helped contribute to the goal of $3 million raised before Guardian Con begins, which means even more money is on the way.

Guardian Con is a Florida-based gaming convention that happens each year. It’s described as “a community based, charity event” with “a large community of like-hearted gamers coming together to make the world a better place.” With its roots in Destiny, this event has become a force for improving the world, and DrLupo left quite a mark in his latest charity stream.

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Charity streams are nothing new in the esports scene. Big and small streamers alike have participated in raising money for good causes that will benefit people who need it the most. But DrLupo’s efforts today went above and beyond many streams previously held for charity.

If you’d like to donate to Guardian Con or even attend it from July 5 to 6, you can visit the event’s site. The event will most likely have more streams in the future and you can show your support by tuning in to the Guardian Con Twitch channel. Guardian Con is just one avenue of esports and gaming in general helping support the greater good and people in need.