Dream donates $140,000 to LGBTQIA+ charity with proceeds from Pride month streams

The money will be sent to the Trevor Project dedicated to LGBTQIA+ youth.

Image via Microsoft

The internet’s largest Minecraft creator Dream has kept his promise of giving back to the LGBTQIA+ community during pride month by donating $140,000 to charity.

Dream had promised his community at the beginning of June that all money earned through streaming during Pride month would be used to help LGBTQIA+ youth and on the final day of the month, he shared the news of the life-changing donation.

Despite only streaming two times and hosting just three Twitter or Discord podcasts, Dream was able to garner $90,000 to be donated from subscribers, donations, and ads over the month. To round out his total the “dteam” contributed a further $50,000 to the cause winding up with $140,000 all up.

This money will be donated to the Trevor Project which are a charity that does amazing work for LGBTQIA+ youth. You can check out more about the charity here.

Earlier today, prior to his announcement, Dream had been under fire for making the promise to donate his stream revenue for Pride month and only streaming two times in total. One reason that may have influenced the lack of streaming on the creators part is that at the end of May he made headlines for admitting to unknowingly cheating during his record-breaking speedrun.

Although it may have only been two streams, the $140,000 donated is a commendable amount and will be put to good use in helping out the LGBTQIA+ youth in need.