Dr Disrespect struggles to keep up while playing Fall Guys

Did he go back-to-back?

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect tried to bring his patented violence, speed, and momentum to Mediatonic’s new obstacle racing game Fall Guys yesterday on stream—and it went exactly as you might have expected.

Known for his experience playing, designing, and streaming shooting games, the Doc rejected the notion that he might play the game during his first day back streaming last week. But apparently he had a little bit of a change of heart.

Although Dr Disrespect is streaming on YouTube now following an indefinite ban on Twitch, the game’s impressive viewership statistics in its first week after being launched last week likely inspired him to give the game a try.

Dr Disrespect’s concurrent viewership statistics aren’t available yet, but his four and a half hour stream yesterday racked up more than two million unique views. Meanwhile, an 11-minute video posted today on his channel edited down for bite-sized entertainment already has more than 350,000 views.

It took him a while to catch onto the game. Early in his time playing, there were countless instances in which his rookie status showed. But as his time playing the game progressed, the Two-Time was able to bag a win.

Dr Disrespect hasn’t given any word on whether he plans to continue playing Fall Guys, but if yesterday was any indication, he could spend more time on the title. Odds are, however, that it won’t end up being one of the games in his primary rotation of titles.