Dr Disrespect struggles to find his mark in Escape from Tarkov

It doesn't seem to be hurting his viewership much, though.

Screengrab via DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect has streamed Escape from Tarkov for 25 hours over the past seven days, but just because he’s had a lot of play time doesn’t mean the 2019 streamer of the year is immune to mistakes. 

Standing on the low ground, Dr Disrespect was sniping at a non-moving target at the top of an exposed tower yesterday, but he couldn’t seem to hit a shot. Aiming directly at the character’s head and then slightly above it, Disrespect took a total of 15 shots before slightly giving up and walking away, not even acknowledging what had just happened to his chat. 

It’s a bit unfair to say Dr Disrespect was executing poor aim based on where his scoped aim showed he was supposed to be hitting, but needless to say, it wasn’t exactly a highlight for the man who won the Esports Award for best streamer last year.

The Doc is relatively new to Tarkov. He started playing the game last week when in-game drops were enabled. Despite his inexperience, he was quick to chastise his viewers for criticizing his play or trying to tell him how to play. 

The New Year’s in-game drops event in Tarkov is no longer available, but Dr Disrespect and other streamers have still been playing the game after last week helped the title record 30 million hours watched on Twitch. 

The Doc’s 25 hours streaming Tarkov in the past seven days has averaged 47,039 viewers, according to data acquired by SullyGnome, totaling 1.18 million hours watched.