Dr Disrespect not impressed by streamers who play Escape from Tarkov with friends

The Two-Time had some words to say about other streamers getting carried.

Screengrab via DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect took aim at influencers who play Escape from Tarkov in groups with other streamers yesterday, saying that he isn’t impressed by their ability to get through the game’s content. 

Following the explosion of Tarkov due in large part to in-game loot drops that were made available last week for Twitch viewers, many streamers like TimTheTatman joined the fray of content creators looking to capitalize on the game’s rising popularity.

In the case of Tim specifically, he’s spent much of his time on stream playing Tarkov in a group with the help of other streamers like DrLupo, who’s spent more time playing the game and has been known to guide Tim through it. 

Dr Disrespect’s reaction to that sort of camaraderie and support between fellow streamers was, well, exactly what you might expect from the thick-mustached man who wears sunglasses indoors. 

“You’ve got to remember, all these guys are playing in their groups,” he said. “So when you see another streamer and they’re just smoking through a fucking level, that’s because they’ve got some high-end, four or five thousand hour male assistant to guide them. That’s not impressive to me. You go do what I do.”

The Doc has been playing Tarkov since Twitch introduced in-game loot drops for viewers who watch people play the game on Dec. 30. Despite the limited-time promotion ending at the end of last week, Dr Disrespect has continued to play the game. He’s racked up 1.4 million hours watched on the title over 35 hours of airtime, averaging 40,153 viewers, according to data recorded by Stream Hatchet. 

Dr Disrespect has prided himself in his solo play on the game, not even allowing his chatroom to criticize him when he made rookie mistakes during his first few days playing the game. Throughout his stream, he’s frequently gone back and forth with his chatroom for trying to guide him more than he wants.