Dr Disrespect is building his own game development studio

He's in the process of assembling a team.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect, one of the most popular streamers in gaming history, is undertaking a new venture within the industry by launching his own game studio.

In a post to the Champions Club website earlier today, the streamer shared that his upcoming company is on the hunt for a gaming studio head. Within the listing, we got a closer look at some of the goals for the company.

“Dr Disrespect in partnership with BoomTV is taking on the game industry by storm and incubating a new AA/AAA gaming studio that has a unique twist to it,” the listing read.

“The studio plans to forge a partnership with a select list of mega influencers and then work closely with them to launch their dream gaming title. Those gaming titles will either be incubated and developed OR partner/co develop with existing indie game developers and launched as mega titles.”

It’s no secret that using content creators as advertising tools has warranted massive success for games already on the market. This ambitious studio looks to take that idea one step further by having the influencer be a part of the development, not just the marketing.

For the last few years, Dr Disrespect has shared glimpses of his plan to get into the game manufacturing space. The streamer recently shared concepts for his battle royale game with the working title of Vertical BR.

As the Doc assembles his team and his studio begins to grow, it seems fans will finally get to see some of his ideas come to fruition.