Dr Disrespect hints at condensed streaming schedule on YouTube

He's taking it slow.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect is live for the second time on YouTube today after making his debut Friday, but don’t expect the two-time broadcast to be like a nine-to-five job. 

On his stream today, the Doc commented on how he plans to handle his broadcast schedule moving forward, and he believes that—at least in the beginning—he might be streaming less than fans might want.

“I’ve been trying to figure out, now that we’re kind of sort of getting back into a groove, what does the next level look like for the two-time back-to-back,” he said. “I don’t necessarily think it’s full-time every single day streaming six to eight hours a day Monday through Friday…I think we take the opposite approach. We condense that. Minimize the number of days, the in-between days obviously we work on other things, and then we start building out things from there.”

Dr Disrespect was banned on Twitch toward the end of June, and he is just now getting back into streaming after claiming publicly that he isn’t aware why he was given a permanent ban on Twitch despite having an exclusive contract with the platform.

In his first stream on YouTube, Dr Disrespect peaked at more than 500,000 viewers, and he has already eclipsed 130,000 concurrent viewers for his broadcast today. 

Dr Disrespect didn’t give any indication what exactly the “other things” were that he intended to do on his days away from the stream, but the way that he said it suggests that he might be working on some branding or stream-related material.

Ultimately, it doesn’t seem like Dr Disrespect is trying to take it easy. In an attempt to ease his viewers, the Doc said that this is all a part of his greater master plan.

“Trust me, it’s a long term plan, but just, please, just buckle in,” he said. “Buckle in and enjoy the ride.”