Dr Disrespect is hosting a huge Midnight Society reveal stream this Tuesday

The two-time has been teasing his battle royale for months.

Dr Disrespect in front of Midnight Society stand by screen.
Images via Dr Disrespect/Midnight Society

Dr Disrespect is finally set to lift the lid on the first title from his new gaming studio, Midnight Society, with a YouTube stream this Tuesday revolving around “Day Zero” of his long-teased futuristic battle royale.

The fast-approaching #DayZero stream is scheduled to begin at 12pm CT on Tuesday, March 15. Dr Disrespect has been calling the big reveal an “Arena Takeover.”

The two-time and his studio’s Twitter account, Midnight Society, have both been tweeting about the reveal in the build-up. The game’s main account has been sharing timer countdowns since yesterday, along with links to a Discord lobby and strings of core code related to the upcoming title.

Fans can watch the livestream right here when it goes live.

Little is known about the upcoming Midnight Society game beyond its genre and early hints. Dr Disrespect fans have been busy piecing together clues via a long-running ARG hosted on Discord, however, uncovering references to “Claws,” “Variants,” high-stakes gun battles, futuristic tech, and plenty more.

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The ARG repetitively mentions multiple weapons like the G36c, V7 Sniper Rifle, Tax-X Machine Pistol, 6-IR Grenade Launcher, K19 Marksman Rifle, the X-1 Assault Rifle, and all manner of ammo and equipment.

Specific bullet types and “insured” guns feature both heavily in a text-based story adventure players can participate in through the game’s Discord channels. These few elements suggest some of Doc’s favorite games, including Escape from Tarkov and Warzone, have acted as starting points for the new title.

This Dot Esports writer played the Zork-style adventure, which concludes with a gun battle against Dr Disrespect himself⁠—all in short written paragraphs and options.

Image via Midnight Society

The Doc has confirmed several major features of his upcoming battle royale title previously. According to the streamer, the game will be a “competitive, focused PVP shooter” built in Unreal Engine 5. Beyond that, details have been kept relatively quiet by the former Call of Duty map designer.

Several teasers have appeared on the star’s YouTube streams recently. They include futuristic maps. Dr Disrespect said he wants to make “a vertical battle royale.”

Image via Midnight Society

One of Dr Disrespect’s big promises for his first game is player involvement from the earliest stages of development. The Midnight Society website says, “We flip the tables on the traditional development model and embrace the Day Zero Community. No more ‘I hope this game will be good.’ Be there when your voice can actually make an impact because we want to hear it. Really.”

Expect to see far more about Midnight Society’s upcoming battle royale in Tuesday’s mysterious stream. Eager fans can join the Discord via invite right here.

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