Disguised Toast confirms return of OTV and Friends Minecraft server

The server will launch in just a few days.

Image via Microsoft

Fans of Offline TV will be pleased to know their extremely successful Minecraft server will be making its return once again on June 2.

In a post by OTV member Disguised Toast, details of the upcoming server were revealed, including the goal of maintaining a vanilla Minecraft experience with the help of mods and cosmetics.

According to Toast, the server will initially house about 40 players, but the plan is to add in more participants on a weekly basis.

The original OTV & Friends Minecraft server was a hit, boasting over 30 creators including OTV members such as Pokimane, Sykkuno, Disguised Toast, and more, alongside streamers like Shroud, Ludwig, and Valkyrae.

While the list of creators taking part in the new Minecraft server has not yet been announced, xQc shared earlier today that he planned to be a part of it.

OTV has also announced their plans to bring back the OTV & Friends Rust server in the near future, however, according to Sykkuno, this server won’t be RP-based, instead simply a Rust server for streamers.

Given that the combat led to many streamers ultimately choosing to leave the server, Sykkuno believes this will be the case once again, and due to this, he doesn’t plan on joining in. He will instead focus on the Minecraft server.

Offline TV has grand plans for bringing back their collaborative streamer servers this summer, and with there currently being no indication of a limit for how many streamers can participate, you may see your favorite creator added to the mix.