Destiny speaks up about his stalker, accuses Twitch of double standards

Destiny makes claims about Twitch's double standard.

Screengrab via Destiny

Twitch streamer and political commentator Destiny talked about his ongoing stalker situation, accusing the platform of acting with a double standard.

On his stream, Destiny informed his audience that he considered pursuing a digital restraining order. “I thought about trying to communicate with Twitch, but if I go through the whole effort of putting together a huge manifesto privately for Twitch, I don’t think that Twitch would do anything,” Destiny said. “If they don’t do anything, I think I’d lose my fucking mind. If I lose my mind, I’d probably get banned.”

The political streamer has previously touched on Twitch’s supposed double standards but reiterated this sentiment. “If the roles were reversed, and I were a female and she was a male stalker, she would have already been banned,” Destiny said. “Not only would she be banned from the website, I’d be getting ‘yes, queens’ and ‘I’m so sorry.’ But because I’m a guy, it’s totally different.”

Destiny previously accused fellow streamer Ana Voir of stalking him. He has since retracted his allegations of stalking, however.

Ana Voir previously responded to Destiny’s allegations on Twitter, accusing Destiny of gaslighting and condemning his verbiage.

No official action has been taken by either Twitch or law enforcement on the situation.

Update June 22 5:10pm CT: Destiny walked back on his stalker allegations of Ana Voir in a March stream. “Mean what, that I don’t think you’re a stalker or that you’re an evil person trying to destroy my life or something weird like that? No, I don’t think you were doing that,” Destiny said. This article has been updated to reflect that information.


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