Destiny lobs racism accusations at Hasan’s Discord, reigniting feud between streaming rivals

Destiny and Hasan clash once again.

Screengrab via Destiny on YouTube

While covering a leaked Discord call that outlined many streamers’ reactions and coverage of AdrianahLee’s sexual assault case, Destiny called out fellow streamer and political commentator Hasan Piker’s community for its alleged use of racial slurs.

On Sept. 22, Trainwreck allowed Destiny to listen to a three-hour call that included himself, Asmongold, Mizkif, xQc, Mitch Jones, and more. The contents of the call primarily regarded Trainwreck’s tweet, which reignited AdrianahLee’s sexual assault allegations against CrazySlick and Mizkif’s potential defense of CrazySlick.

Being the only streamer with access to the audio logs, Destiny’s leak stream garnered significant viewership and reached more than 60,000 concurrent viewers. In the midst of his coverage, Destiny paused the stream and extracted screenshots of Hasan’s Discord, which showed the community allegedly using a racial slur toward Cubans.

“Just because I have an audience here right now, if you happen to be a member of Hasan’s Discord and feel like reporting this place for racism,” Destiny said as he scrolled through screenshots. “For some reason, they find it hilarious to spam racial slurs related to me in their Discord. I personally think that racism on the internet is super not cool.”

Soon after Destiny called out Hasan’s Discord, the political streamer’s Discord was placed on lock. Hasan also addressed the issue, saying that while he does not believe the word is a slur, he decided to ban it because he believes his community members were “cringe” for spamming it.

“Everyone is so fucking cringe when they spam the word gusano,” Hasan wrote on Discord. “Yes, it’s not a real fucking slur no matter how much a certain streamer’s community cries about it like cracker but it’s so cringe when you all spam it so I’m banning it.”

Though once frequent collaborators, Hasan and Destiny have had a tumultuous relationship after falling on opposing sides of countless issues. It appears that the rift between the two has no hope of closing anytime soon, as both have continued to lock horns where they can.