David Gaudu returns to streaming ahead of Tour de France

The pro cyclist showcased his first impressions of the new Tour de France game.

Image via Cyanide Studio

Following an incredible stage victory at a major world competition earlier in June, professional cyclist David Gaudu returned to streaming today to showcase the new Tour de France 2022 game.

The stream started just hours after Gaudu was confirmed to be starting for his team in the actual Tour de France in July.

Upon starting the stream, Gaudu was greeted with a magnitude of new follows and subscribers, as well as those coming back to renew their subscriptions after his hiatus from Twitch. During his break from streaming, he trained and competed in the Critérium du Dauphiné, where he beat race-favorite Wout van Aert in stage three after van Aert celebrated his apparent victory too early.

In past streams, Gaudu has played Pro Cycling Manager 2021, where he chose to create a rider based on himself and worked on building his career similarly to how his career has evolved so far in actuality. He is also in the actual game as an NPC and member of the Groupama-FDJ team if the player chooses to manage the French squad. Gaudu even previously expressed that he wished his base stats were higher in the 2021 version of the game.

Though upon playing Tour de France 2022 for the first time, Gaudu was surprised to see himself listed as a favorite for the first stage of the tour. It’s safe to say he is happier this time around with how the developers at Cyanide Studio built his in-game character.

Gaudu was able to manage his team in the first stage of the game to earn a victory, though some riders still proved to be formidable opponents even for a pro playing the game. Slovenian cyclist Tadej Pogačar has incredibly strong stats in the 2022 version of both the Tour de France and Pro Cycling Manager games, and even Gaudu couldn’t manage to shake him from the podium.

Screengrab via David Gaudu

Gaudu’s next stream will be on Thursday, June 23 at 10am CT, where he will try out Pro Cycling Manager 2022.