Content creator Nagzz21 trademarks the word “malding” to troll VRChat streamer Roflgator

So bald. So mald.

Image via Twitch

The “malding” meme came about when internet trolls combined the words “mad” and “bald” as a way to make fun of people. But VRChat streamer Nagzz21 has taken the meme to a new level. 

As a way to make fun of fellow VRChat streamer Rob “Roflgator” for having an audience that uses the word in abundance, Nagzz bought the domain And in a YouTube video posted to the website, he recently announced that he legally trademarked the phrase.

“So when you’re using malding on your streams and stuff like that, that’s trademark infringement,” Nagzz said. “That’s bad.”

Nagzz purchased the domain for roughly $3,000 as a way to get back at Roflgator for regularly displaying edited photos of Nagzz with a bald head on his stream. The video explaining Nagzz’s purchase of and the trademark came complete with a diss track rap as well. 

In the three-minute video, Nagzz raps about how Roflgator’s content, which sometimes relies on the use of the “malding” meme, will cost him a lot of money in the form of trademark infringement claims. He also proceeded to take personal shots at Roflgator for being “big headed” and having a “receding hairline.”

While watching the video for himself on stream, Roflgator found the news and diss track entertaining, laughing as insults came his way.