Complexity Limit reclears first 11 bosses in Race to World First in hours

Wow, that was fast.

Complexity Limit was faced with a tough decision today during North America’s weekly reset in World of Warcraft. They had to figure out if they wanted to extend their lockout on N’Zoth, the final boss in the Race to World First, or re-clear the entire raid.

Opting to reclear, the guild was betting on being able to kill all 11 bosses in the instance before N’Zoth fast enough to make the gear gained from it be worth the time lost on N’Zoth, and the decision is already paying dividends for the guild.

With the new lockout beginning this morning at 9am CT, the guild has managed to make it to N’Zoth already, killing 11 bosses in just a matter of one afternoon. For comparison, it took the guild a little bit more than four days to kill those bosses last week, raiding practically all day every day.

The amount of gear that the guild received doing the re-clear has already been noticeable in just a few attempts on N’Zoth. In nearly every phase of the fight so far, the guild has managed to do significantly more damage across the board, leaving hope that we could see a World First kill of N’Zoth within the next few days, or even hours.

The re-clear again puts Limit at an advantage over Method, which has won all of the main tier raids this expansion. Method has not yet been given the opportunity to gain more gear because the European region’s weekly reset happens about 16 hours after North America’s.