Complexity Limit gets first look at secret phase on N’Zoth fight during Race to World First

It has a pretty nutty dps check.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Complexity Limit has held a steady lead through the World of Warcraft Race to World First this week. As the guild looks to down the Ny’alotha’s final boss, N’Zoth the Corruptor, they’ve recently made it to the fight’s highly-anticipated mythic-only hidden phase. 

During the entire race so far, many have speculated about how difficult or easy the raid’s final boss would be to kill compared to other final bosses, and has frequently led to discussion of the secret hidden phase that only happens during the mythic-difficulty encounter. 

Blizzard is known for leaving hidden gems in World of Warcraft, and top guilds have been aware for a while that N’Zoth would have something up his sleeve that wasn’t tested during raid’s time on the public test realm.

Being the top guild so far during the Race to World First, Limit has finally reached the secret phase, and it’s already showing that it has a lot to offer in terms of challenges. 

Once Limit passed a couple of N’Zoth’s known phases today, a gateway opened upon the battlefield where players had to enter to travel to place that has been iconic this expansion: the Chamber of Heart. 

While there, a “Voidspawn Annihilator” spawned giving out debuffs to players across the raid. Trying to kill the creation of N’Zoth himself that started to attack the Chamber of Heart, players had to help disarm special “Countermeasures” that spawned. 

There’s a catch, however. When players hit the countermeasure, they are forced to use their special Heart of Azeroth ability that is otherwise used to restore “sanity” that gets depleted during the fight. The “sanity” mechanic is a special mechanic unique to the final two bosses of the Ny’alotha raid.

So far, Limit’s attempts on the secret phase have gotten them to the point where they have almost killed the Annihilator. But unfortunately for the group, they’re failing to muster up enough damage to take the monster out in a short enough time. 

There could be more to the phase, but as of yet, Limit have not reached it. Method is the only other guild that has made it to N’Zoth, but they haven’t made it nearly as far as Limit have. Method’s best try on the boss at the time of writing was getting N’Zoth to about 95 percent. Limit have reached the secret phase a few times by getting the boss’s health to about 68 percent.

While this phase wasn’t test in the PTR, datamined information from wowhead yesterday showed details behind mechanics that Limit have already encountered, and some they haven’t yet seen.

It has not been confirmed whether or not this secret phase is indeed the final phase of the boss fight. There could be more to the fight, and considering how much effort Blizzard puts into final boss fights, there probably is.