Cohh Carnage to uphold charity stream goals after ‘massive’ donation turns out to be fake

The streamer revealed the $600,000 donation was fabricated.

Screengrab via CohhCarnage (YouTube)

A “massive” donation to Twitch streamer Cohh Carnage’s charity stream turned out to be fake, he revealed in a video last night. The confirmed contributions to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital amount to just over $420,000 without the fraudulent transaction, but Cohh will uphold all goals the community achieved.

The false donation took place on Thursday, June 24, as an early contribution ahead of the stream and amounted to approximately $600,000. The person behind the ruse claimed he couldn’t make the donation through Tiltify, Cohh’s fundraising service of choice. Instead, he allegedly wired the money straight to St. Jude and provided bank documents that seemed to corroborate the transfer.

Cohh’s viewers learned of the big transaction and insisted that it should count for the goal milestones, which brought the total of donations to the $900,000 mark. The Twitch streamer held another round of fundraising to break the $1 million milestone.

After the donations concluded, however, Cohh did not receive confirmation of the transaction to St. Jude. The would-be benefactor first chalked it up to a banking error, then claimed to be under investigation by the police. He finally admitted to the lie after Cohh confronted him. The person behind the ruse was “a big part of the community,” Cohh said in the video.

Despite the fraudulent transaction, the streamer will uphold the goals achieved by the community, which include playing a dating simulator, Final Fantasy XIV, and a hot tub stream.

“It wasn’t your fault that this happened, it’s mine,” the streamer wrote. “And I’m definitely not going to screw you out of what you thought you were getting with those donations.”

Cohh has already started redeeming some of the goals and played the campaign in Final Fantasy XIV on stream today.