Clip claiming NA team and admins cheated in Twitch Rivals Rust event debunked by Disguised Toast

No foul play from NA or the admins.

Rust Clan on the move
Image via Steam

Twitch Rivals is a competition on the livestreaming site that happens often where top streamers from across the globe battle against each other in pre-determined games. This month’s Twitch Rivals event put regions against each other inside the world of Rust. But things took a negative turn when the North American team and admins were accused of cheating by fans of the Spanish team.

In the stream that’s been accused of showing a cheat, Disguised Toast’s team is going up against Alexby11’s team. In the clip, Toast can be seen moving around a higher level in his structure when an MP5 suddenly pops out from behind him and onto the ground. This moment was clipped and had over 15,000 views by the time Toast reacted to it.

Many of Spain’s fans were quick to call out the North American team for cheating, according to some of the posts and replies on social media. To combat this, Toast reacted to the clip on his stream, clipped it, and shared it on Reddit.

After the MP5 launches onto the ground beside him, Toast declares he had no use for two MP5s, considering he is already holding one in the clip. Furthermore, Toast can only use the MP5 one at a time, so Toast points out that he does not need one being spawned next to him.

That’s not the only issue with the clip either, as shown by the score in the top left corner. As Toast points out, the event had already ended at the point when a user recorded the clip. The NA team had a 20,000-point lead over the Spaniards and, as a result, they had already backed out of the tournament.

Toast said the proof is right there in the video since the score reflects the end of the match and he already has the same gun in his hands. He seemed surprised that even though this could be seen in the clip, Spanish fans used it to accuse the Rust admins of cheating.

Fans of any competitive game or sport are known to become invested in regional teams and their performance. But in this situation, there seems to be no foul play from the NA team.