Camp Knut trainer greatly ‘inspired’ by OTK members’ humor

"They've helped me train my humor muscle as much as I've helped them."

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Camp Knut has only been in session for a week, and already, the trainers involved are finding that the members of One True King (OTK) are teaching them lessons they didn’t expect.

Along with Knut, Twitch streamer Wake Wilder is helping to whip the OTK boys into shape, but Wilder has quickly learned that for as much as he’s helping Mizkif, Tectone, Nick Polom, and Cyr, with their fitness, they’re also helping him out.

“You have no idea how inspired I am by them, and I don’t even know if they know that,” he said. “Everything that I’ve been able to absorb through spending time with them has made me funnier.”

During his stream last night, Wilder watched clips of some of the funny interactions between the OTK streamers during their workout yesterday, and he expressed just how grateful he is to be in an environment with creators that feed off one another’s humor.

“You guys may not notice it because, fuck, am I bad at pulling the trigger on humor sometimes. But holy shit, do I feel actively inspired to go for the joke with them,” he said. “They have helped me train my humor muscle just as much as I have helped them train their cock… I mean, their bicep muscle, their tricep muscle, their chest muscle. I fucking love these dudes.”

Wilder is working with Knut to train a handful of Austin-based content creators, most of whom are a part of OTK. The event is in its seventh day out of 30, and since it began, Wilder has had an influx of viewers due to his involvement in the camp.

Previously averaging fewer than 100 viewers, his streams this past week have seen a huge jump, with his most recent two streams attracting between 900 to 1,400 average viewers, according to stats by Streams Charts.