Call of Duty records more than 30 million hours watched on Twitch following release of Warzone

Summit1g led the charge with more than three million hours watched.

Image via Activision

The much-hyped release of Call of Duty: Warzone was met with a booming reception on Twitch this past week. The game racked up more than 30 million hours watched in its first seven days on the platform, according to Stream Hatchet data.

The figure was enough to make the game Twitch’s most-watched category this past week, beating out League of Legends, which had 22 million hours watched on the platform from March 10 to 16. 

Beating the 30 million hour mark is particularly noteworthy because of how infrequently the figure is eclipsed. Typically, games like League or Dota 2 post more than 30 million hours watched once a year during their biggest esports events, the League World Championship and The International. But most games never hit that mark in a given year. 

Warzone’s strong start on Twitch is comparable to that of Apex Legends, which also posted more than 30 million hours watched in its first few weeks on Twitch. But Apex’s success was short-lived since the title fell into Twitch irrelevance just a month or so after posting dominant viewership.

While CoD’s strong start is certainly worth tracking, the game’s success will be dependent on it maintaining influential content creators. 

Among the most-watched streamers this past week, Summit1g led the charge. The former CS:GO pro recorded 3.20 million hours watched with an average of 35,538 viewers since the game’s release. He played the game for a little more than 90 hours on stream. 

Other notable streamers to play the game included Dr Disrespect, who had 1.32 million hours watched, playing the game with an average of 39,860 viewers.