C9 Ziqo explains 7-day ban on Twitch in new video

Ziqo says he has yet to receive a specific example of his "hateful conduct."

Image via Ziqo

Popular streamer C9 Ziqo recently received a seven-day ban for violating the Twitch Terms of Service. Twitch said the ban was in response to Ziqo using a hateful slur while streaming, but the platform failed to provide a specific clip or example, according to Ziqo. 

Today, the streamer uploaded a nine-minute video to YouTube explaining his thoughts on the ban and how Twitch has handled the situation.

In the video, Ziqo said he reached out to Twitch for clarification after receiving the ban to ensure it didn’t happen again. Although Twitch reiterated that his behavior or actions violated the hateful conduct policy in the TOS, it didn’t provide the specific moment or verbiage that caused the ban.

The seven-day ban was not the only punishment Ziqo received, since it directly impacted other opportunities. He was scheduled to be a presenter at the Twitch Participation Ceremony but could not participate because of the ban. 

Ziqo’s Twitch account is now in bad standing, which means he cannot participate in similar promotions for three months and cannot participate in Twitch bounties. The seven-day ban is also a strike on the Twitch account that could potentially cause problems in the future if Ziqo receives another strike. 

The streamer said the ban has made him nervous about returning to streaming since he’s unsure if he needs to always take precautions to avoid another ban. He made it clear that it’s tough to “work on yourself” without the reason for a ban.