Blizzard hotfixes Monk, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior, nerfs BFA trinkets, adds new Anima powers in latest WoW patch

The devs aren't messing around.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard rolled out another set of World of Warcraft hotfixes last night following the release of the normal and heroic versions of Castle Nathria, the first raid of the Shadowlands expansion.

Monk, Rogue, Warlock, and Warrior each received changes revolved around unintentional mechanics, including issues with abilities, talents, and legendary items. An overpowered Warlock build was quickly hotfixed and Rogue’s Shadow Blades was nerfed.

The developers also targeted PvP, reducing the effectiveness of Battle for Azeroth trinkets while engaged in combat with enemy players. A long list of trinkets like Forbidden Obsidian Claw, Mirror of Entwined Fate, Tidestorm Codex, and Shiver Venom Relic were nerfed by a considerable amount.

Immediate Extermination, the slow-ticking debuff players receive after taking five tiers of Eye of the Jailer, was also changed. Players can now no longer reset its timer when leaving the Maw, reducing the efficiency of daily repetition and Stygia farming.

To top it all off, Blizzard added three new Anima powers for Torghast, Tower of the Damned, the infinite dungeon.

Here’s the full list of notes and updates for Shadowlands’ Dec. 8 patch.


  • Fixed an issue where completing the Paragon’s Challenge during the Bastion World Quest “Flight School: Flapping Frenzy” could fail to grant credit for both the Flight School Graduate and Aerial Ace achievements at once



  • Resolved an issue that caused  Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox’s Stomp damage to be higher than intended when purifying Stagger damage with  Purifying Brew
  • Fixed the interactions between Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits and Mastery: Combo Strikes
  • Your spirits now benefit from your Hit Combo (Talent) stacks, instead of maintaining their own
  • Resolved an issue that prevented some damaging abilities cast by Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits from contributing to Xuen’s Empowered Tiger Lightning
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Touch of Karma damage from contributing to Xuen’s Empowered Tiger Lightning


  • Resolved an issue that prevented the Rotbriar Sprout trinket’s area of effect damage from breaking Sap


  • Signet of Tormented Kings (Legendary Effect) no longer has a cooldown on how often its effect can occur


  • Fixed an issue where “Replenishing the Reservoir” could not be progressed while in a raid group
  • Fixed an issue where professions and pet battle World Quests could fail to give credit for “Bolstering Bastion,” “Rallying Maldraxxus,” “Support the Court,” and “Reinforcing Revendreth”
  • Fixed an issue where the world map marker would not display for the quest “Choosing Your Purpos.”
  • Venthyr
  • Reduced the Ember Court weekly restock requirement of Infused Rubies to 20 (was 50)
  • Reduced the cost of the Blank Invitation (used to reroll a guest) to 8 Infused Rubies (was 15)
  • New Venthyr members completing their first Ember Court will now also see a Blank Invitation alongside the item opening their second guest slot.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Inquisitors in the Halls of Atonement area of Revendreth now correctly provide full reputation rewards to all players who attacked them, including the player who breaks the Inquisitor’s immunity
  • Aspirant Eolis should now still be able to be summoned if one player loots the Fragile Humility Scroll without using it
  • Shadowlands World Bosses should now be properly supported by the Premade Group Finder
  • The Broker fishing vendors have stopped hogging the cooking station and allowed the Broker cooking vendor and trainer to take their rightful spot
  • Restricted the total number of additional Rotting Minions that World Boss Mortanis can spawn

Dungeons and raids

De Other Side

  • Resolved an issue where  Dark Lotus would inflict too much damage when the Risen Cultist is player controlled


  • Resolved an issue where Dark Lotus would inflict too much damage when the Risen Cultist is player controlled

Items and rewards

  • Instructor’s Divine Bell trinket now gives the correct amount of Mastery.
  • Enchant Chest: Eternal Bounds now shows the correct Mana gain when applied to equipment
  • The Cloudwalker’s Coffer will no longer appear available to players that aren’t yet eligible. This will reduce wasted journeys into the heights without rewards

Player vs. Player

The Maw: Eye of the Jailer

  • While in the Maw, harvesting  Nightshade now increases the threat level of Eye of the Jailer and rewards Stygia.
  • Threat Level 5: Immediate Extermination now retains its stacks when you leave the zone and re-enter
  • Stygia and reputation gains in the Maw are now only disabled when Immediate Extermination reaches 10 stacks, rather than when it is first applied to you
  • Fixed a rare issue which could cause Eye of the Jailer to fail to reset if you were present in the zone during the daily reset
  • Lingering Cloak of Ve’nari now applies to end-game players as they enter The Maw

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Added three new Common self-healing powers: Bloodgorged Leech, Refilling Elixir of Life, and Orb of Replenishment
  • Bloodgorged Leech: Your damaging spells and abilities have a very high chance to heal you for 5 percent of maximum health.
  • Orb of Replenishment: When you attack an elite or rare creature for the first time, spawn 1 nearby orb that will heal you for 25 percent of your maximum health when collected
    Against bosses, this will instead spawn 3 nearby orb
  • Refilling Elixir of Life: When you fall below 20 percent health, immediately heal to full health. This can only occur once per floor

World Quests

  • Bastion’s resilience at the Temple of Courage has spurred the Maldraxxi assailants to increase their efforts, resulting in more available targets during the World Quest “Air Supremacy”
  • Players can no longer have more than 8 Neglected Souls at a time during the World Quest “Battered and Bruised”