Battlefield 2042 completely breaks during a sponsored stream

The sponsored stream goes awry.

Image via EA

Battlefield 2042 has had a difficult run since its launch that’s only marginally let up. Released in November 2021, the game has received countless negative reviews. On Steam, Battlefield 2042 is described as “mostly negative” with 90,866 total reviews—and user reviews across other sites such as metacritic yield even worse results.

Chief among player grievances with Battlefield 2042 are the common glitches and bugs found in online matchmaking. With complex and sophisticated environmental interactions, including weather effects and destructible environments, players often find themselves stuck or unable to play.

The Twitch channel Crown recently hosted a group of popular streamers playing Battlefield 2042 for a sponsored stream. Hosted by Lucy Mae, the roundtable included 100 Thieves’ streamer BrookeAB, Symfuhny, and Krystalogy. Though a majority of the stream went off without a hitch, the group encountered an impasse two hours in.

After respawning, both Krystalogy and Symfuhny found themselves trapped underneath a staircase, unable to access the rest of the map. The duo tried a variety of methods to get out, including tossing grenades at their feet and jumping around the borders of their imaginary prison. Most efforts were futile, however. BrookeAB later spawned on her squadmates, adding the total of trapped players up to all three streamers.

Krystalogy was eventually able to escape by deploying her wingsuit, but awkward silence persisted as a majority of the on-stream talent were unable to play the game. Neglecting to cut to the other streamers still trapped, the other personalities remained stuck until the match ended. The stream ended shortly after the bugged incident.