ASMR streamer saveaprincess banned from Twitch following notorious clip

The ASMR pioneer moves to Facebook.

Image via Twitch

Livestreamer saveaprincess has been banned from Twitch after a popular clip from her channel went viral across Twitter. Though the livestreamer has applied for a ban appeal, she’s found a home on Facebook Gaming for the time being.

The ASMR category has taken over Twitch as one of the most prevalent and popular categories on the livestreaming platform. Some of Twitch’s most popular figures, such as Amouranth, have found unprecedented viewership hosting ASMR and “ear licking” streams.

In her breakout clip, saveaprincess certainly went beyond any normal ASMR stream since she was seen repeatedly shoving her microphone into her mouth. The clip soon caught fire after it was posted by Jake Lucky on Twitter. Countless other popular streamers and esports figures, including Hasanabi, Ocelote, and Kalei, commented beneath the Twitter thread.

Unfortunately for saveaprincess, she could not enjoy her newfound Twitch fame for very long. Shortly after her Jan. 29 stream, she was banned from the platform. For an interim period, saveaprincess has found a home on Facebook Gaming, where she’s already amassed more than 40,000 followers.

Saveaprincess clarified in a since-deleted tweet that she wouldn’t be producing her usual content on Facebook. Since the platform doesn’t allow ASMR content, the Facebook partner said she’d mostly be streaming gaming content.

You can watch saveaprincess now on Facebook, streaming mostly chatting and GTA.