Asmongold weighs in on Ninja and Pokimane situation: ‘This is just 100 percent Ninja being wrong’

The streamer gave his take on the ongoing situation.

Screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer and OTK co-owner Asmongold shared his take on the ongoing situation between Pokimane, Ninja, and JiDion during a broadcast yesterday.

Earlier this year, Twitch banned JiDion for harassment after sending hate brigades to Pokimane’s Twitch channel, which has since turned into an indefinite ban. Fellow streamer Ninja claimed to have contacted his Twitch representative in an attempt to lighten JiDion’s ban, which Pokimane brought up on stream. Since then, Ninja’s wife and manager Jessica Blevins has threatened Pokimane with legal action for defamation.

Pokimane shared a screengrab of a direct message from Jessica in a Twitter post. After reviewing the post, Asmongold weighed in on the situation.

“This is just 100 percent Ninja being wrong. It’s literally 100 percent Ninja wrong,” he said. “It’s kind of crazy because Ninja even looks worse in this situation than JiDion does… I mean, JiDion isn’t like threatening ‘you made a big mistake’ and texting her and shit like this. [JiDion] is just memeing about it, which is still bad, I still think it’s shitty, but this is worse in my opinion.”

After a viewer challenged that Pokimane had done nothing “to improve the drama,” Asmongold defended the OTV member, saying it’s not her responsibility to smooth things over with people complicit in her harassment.

Despite threatened legal measures, Asmongold says he’s certain the attempts of escalation will ultimately be futile: “It’s not going to go anywhere, it’s just drama. It doesn’t matter at all.” Asmongold firmly stood on Pokimane’s side, saying viewers have only attempted to turn the blame onto Pokimane because they dislike her.

While the situation between the two Twitch stars has only continued, now potentially entering the legal realm, no official action has been taken.