Asmongold thinks Lost Ark devs need to make big change to avoid losing players

Twitch's leading MMO star asks Amazon to heed his words of wisdom.

Screengrab via Asmongold TV on YouTube

MMO veteran and popular Twitch streamer Asmongold offered some advice for Amazon to prevent losing players amidst a recent in-game controversy.

Smilegate, the developers work on Lost Ark in tandem with Amazon, released its new Argos Abyss raid mere days ago. Since launch however, the raid has been met with heavy backlash, with players condemning the raid’s shock “pay-to-win” nature.

In order to access the content in Argos, players are required to have a minimum level of 1,370. This can be incredibly difficult to achieve as players’ chances of successfully honing (upgrading) items drastically falls off from 1,340 to 1,370. In order to reach this benchmark, players have been spending real-life money.

Asmongold has been an avid Lost Ark player since launch; it’s the latest MMO he’s dedicated countless hours to both on and off-stream. In his recent YouTube video, Asmongold admits Lost Ark is fundamentally a pay-to-win game, however, and claims this needs to change if the devs don’t want to lose their massive player base.

Asmongold pleaded with Amazon and Smilegate to make the content that players in Russia and South Korea can play be accessible for everyone. “Put the Heroic Abyss dungeons in the game, put the Heroic Guardians in the game,” the Twitch behemoth said. “These things are core to the everyday gameplay loop and it would make the everyday players’ experience better.”

The MMO streamer argued that if this content was integrated in the game for players across the board, players would neither have to create alts solely to farm resources, nor would they have to rely on Lost Ark’s microtransactions. Asmongold ended by giving a somber warning to the publishers, “I think every day this is an issue it will be bleeding players, bleeding respect, bleeding integrity.”

Ever since seeing a western release, Lost Ark has taken over the top spots on both Twitch and Steam, amassing a huge audience and player base in an incredibly short amount of time. In a smiliar trend to Amazon’s previous MMO New World, however, Lost Ark has already seen some of its sizable player base fall off as more and more issues rear their heads.

Asmongold, however, hopes that his latest Twitch message can reach the Amazon publishers and prevent Lost Ark from seeing an untimely fall into obscurity.