Asmongold says the WoW Classic community is the worst he’s ever seen

Asmongold had some harsh words for the WoW Classic online community.

Screengrab via YouTube/Moonboi

Rising World of Warcraft Twitch streamer Zach “Asmongold” has criticized the WoW Classic community just days after he was accused of “failing the game.” 

A fan asked Asmongold for his thoughts on the WoW Classic community, suggesting that it causes the most conflict. Asmongold agreed.

“The Classic community is terrible, it’s absolutely terrible,” Asmongold said. “It is probably the worst game community that I have ever seen in my entire life.” He clarified, though, that he’s talking about people on fan sites and forums like Reddit. 

Asmongold said that WoW Classic players don’t represent the community online. “If you go and actually play with people in Classic, you never encounter assholes like this,” Asmongold said. He continued by labeling those on the forum websites as “mentally deranged.” 

Asmongold directly criticized the people on these websites, saying that “they base their entire sense of self-worth over a game that was easy that came almost 15 years ago.” 

A Reddit thread from Sept. 2 accused him of finding workarounds in WoW Classic, something that’s frowned upon in the community because it ruins the grinding aspect. This triggered an outcry of hate toward Asmongold and his stream. Asmongold responded by questioning how threads like these are allowed on the website. 

Despite the outcry of hate toward Asmongold on Reddit, the streamer is still growing in popularity. He’s had over 16 million video views in the last two weeks and gained a monthly average of 170,000 followers, making him one of the fastest-growing streamers on Twitch, according to SocialBlade.