Asmongold on Twitch data breach: ‘It was wrong for my number, though’

Asmongold responds to Twitch's data breach.

Screengrab via Asmongold (YouTube)

Twitch suffered a massive data breach earlier today that compromised both the information of countless streamers and the website’s source code. The data breach, which reportedly saw 125 GB of information leaked, was first posted on 4Chan before being spread across social media. Twitch confirmed the breach of information on Twitter.

Along with viewer numbers and passwords, the revenue generated by streamers was also released in the leak. By now, a chart with the supposed top-100 earners on Twitch has been shared widely across Twitter. The validity of this information has been challenged, though, with streamers starting to respond to the sudden publicity.

Asmongold, MMORPG veteran and one of Twitch’s largest streamers, responded to his viewers bombarding him with questions regarding the alleged payout chart. Asmongold dismissed the leak and claimed that the supposed numbers were inaccurate. “I don’t give a fuck about that,” Asmongold said while playing New World on his alternate account. “It was wrong for my number, though. I’ll say that.”

The avid MMO player also commented on the information circulating online, saying “it probably should be deleted because it’s got people’s personal information.” Shortly after, Asmongold commented a lighthearted response under Twitch’s official recognition of the breach.

Asmongold was listed on the payout list as the 14th highest-earning streamer, allegedly seeing a $2,551,618.73 payout from August 2019 to October 2021. Though Asmongold rebuked the claim, those claiming association with the data leak attest to the validity of the information.

No information surrounding the earnings of streamers has been confirmed, and likely won’t be, as the devastating breach is addressed.