Asmongold mockingly praises JoshOG for shaking CS:GOLotto scandal

Asmongold reflects on CS:GOLotto.

Screengrab via Asmongold TV on YouTube

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold recently reflected on the 2016 CS:GOLotto scandal that included the likes of Syndicate, TmarTn, and JoshOG, mockingly praising their ability to disregard the controversy.

In 2016, several major YouTubers were found to be in connection with the then-popular CS:GO gambling website, CS:GOLotto. The site first came under fire for allegedly running a supposedly illegal gambling company and allowing minors to partake. The content creators were ultimately charged for deceptive advertising practices, however, since none of the YouTubers ever disclosed that they owned a stake in the website when advertising it.

After earning the attention of the FTC, the website and YouTubers in question were pulled through an almost two-year-long investigation and trial. The ordeal eventually ended in a settlement, but the reputations and channels of these YouTubers continued to decline in the months following.

While watching a YouTube video of another content creator scandal, Asmongold reflected on the CS:GOLotto owners and how they have deftly dodged any criticisms since the incident. “Syndicate is still making videos, JoshOG is still streaming, and they scammed people out of way more than $8,000,” Asmongold said.

The streamer went on to mockingly praise how JoshOG has since handled any mentions of his involvement: “JoshOG, he did the right thing. He never talks about it, if someone brings it up, fucking ban them. If somebody actually pushes the issue and you have to make a comment, just say ‘it is what it is, let’s go to the next game.'” Asmongold also expressed that this strategy has seemingly worked for those involved since the public has largely forgotten the extent of the scandal.

Though the YouTubers in question may have used these techniques to dodge criticism, clearly Asmongold has not forgotten.