Asmongold finally gets legendary Thunderfury sword in World of Warcraft Classic

Took you long enough.

Screengrab via YouTube/Moonboi

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, is hands down the most sought after item in World of Warcraft Classic, and yesterday on stream, WoW’s top streamer on Twitch was finally able to complete the quest chain required to complete it.

The actual questing involved in obtaining Thunderfury isn’t that difficult, but the rarity of the items required for it make the sword incredibly difficult to obtain. The first part of the chain requires that a player obtain the left and right “Bindings of the Windseeker.”

The only way to get those two items is from raiding Molten Core, which any given character can only do once per week. From there, the items have what’s estimated to be around a 3 percent chance to drop off of Baron Geddon and Garr respectively.

For Asmongold, the binding off of Baron Geddon was obtained relatively early on in Classic, leaving the streamer with high hopes of being able to get Thunderfury fairly quickly. Week after week on his stream, however, the remaining binding off of Garr would not drop.

While Asmongold has joked about how looting Garr every week was valuable content for his stream, his continual shortcomings made yesterday’s accomplishment that much more satisfying.

As a way to incentivize viewership for his weekly attempts he told his audience that if the final binding dropped that he would gift 500 subscriptions to his chat if he got Thunderfury. 

Trying to gift the subscriptions live on stream, Asmongold was met with some technical difficulties at first because of the massive amount of money required to fund 500 gifted subs. While he’ll be getting a large portion of that money back because part of the payment goes to his channel, his debit card initially wouldn’t allow him to pay for such a lump sum of subs. 

After messing around with some verification processes on his bank account though, Asmon was eventually able to gift his chat the subs as a celebration for the accomplishment.