Asmongold commends Gabe Newell’s decision to ban NFTs from Steam

"Thank you, Gabe."

Screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold praised Valve president Gabe Newell’s decision to remove NFTs from Steam.

On a Feb. 26 stream, the veteran MMO streamer first read about Newell’s choice to block all NFTs from the video game distribution platform, Steam. In his original statement, Newell cited the often-sketchy behavior of sellers and the rampant fraud seen in NFT communities.

Asmongold couldn’t be happier with Newell’s decision. “Thank you, Gabe. This is exactly what we needed to fucking happen,” he said. The 30-year-old streamer went on to commend the video game goliath’s rationale. “He’s not banning them because he hates crypto entirely,” Asmongold said, “It’s just that whenever 99-percent of NFT promotions are fucking scams, then maybe we shouldn’t do them!”

The streamer went on to talk about how the presence of NFTs could ultimately be detrimental to the platform. “If somebody is on Steam and they play a game or get involved with something through NFTs and they lose money, then that person now had a bad experience on Steam,” he said.

Asmongold continued his diatribe, condemning those who supposedly purchase NFTs or crypto because of “their faith in the underlying product.” The streamer stated that he believes that most buy these digital products as a potential cash grab in case they rapidly increase in value.

Asmongold has been a long-standing critic of NFTs and crypto, often voicing his opinion on the absurdity of both the products and their communities. On Twitch, NFTs specifically have run into substantial amounts of opposition, as some of the largest personalities including Pokimane, Hasan, and more have all came out in against many of the industry’s practices.