Asmongold and Mizkif do their best anime girl impersonations with help from Emiru

They pulled off the naughty nurse look well.

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Emiru might be known for her elegant and detailed cosplay, but yesterday, the stream was tasked with perhaps her toughest challenge yet—turning Asmongold and Mizkif into anime girls.

Bringing in a couple of One True King’s co-founders, Emiru noted that having Asmongold look through her assortment of costumes was like having her “boss” look through her room. Emiru is one of a handful of content creators who stream for OTK.

Once the group got down to business, they walked through the options that Emiru had at her disposal and let the chat decide. 

“My goal is to farm emotes,” Emiru said. She went on to explain that she’s getting OTK members to appear on her cosplay streams as a way to get still images of them in costumes that she can turn into her Twitch emotes.

And the pair of male streamers delivered by dressing up as nurses from the Japanese series Chainsaw Man and posing for the screen. With full makeup, lipstick, and wigs, Asmon and Miz did their best to show what they’re working with, even if it wasn’t all that much.

The two even practiced making TikToks in the drag, and Mizkif showed how well-versed he is in the ways of making cutesy short videos.

“That was a really good one,” Asmongold said after watching Mizkif’s video. “I’m proud of you man.”