AOC set for return to Twitch to talk GameStop and stock trading

She'll be live at 7:30pm CT.

Photo by Ståle Grut via NRKbeta/CC BY SA 2.0

U.S. congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) is making her return to Twitch tonight. But this time around, she plans on dedicating her time to talking about the recent explosion of stocks from companies like GameStop. 

AOC said today on Twitter that she’ll be live on Twitch at 7:30pm CT. She also said she “might” have a few people coming onto the stream to speak with her. There was no indication as to who exactly she might be inviting, though.

The millennial legislator originally shook up the political game on Twitch in October by streaming Among Us with a handful of popular personalities. Using the platform as a way to encourage people to “get out and vote,” her stream peaked at more than 438,000 viewers, rivaling some of the highest viewership peaks ever for personal channels. 

There isn’t any word on whether she intends to play any games while she’s online tonight. She’s only promised the discussion of retail stock trading, particularly as it relates to developments in GameStop that have been trending this week. 

Ocasio-Cortez has been openly critical of the way retail trading applications like Robinhood have blocked investors from being able to buy certain stocks. 

She posted numerous times on Twitter earlier today, commenting on the topic before saying she’d go live on Twitch tonight.