Another art streamer receives 3-day Twitch ban for suggestive sexual content

Another one bites the dust.

Twitch art streamers
Image via Twitch

Art streamer Saejin received a three-day Twitch ban for broadcasting an explicit illustration, shedding more light on Twitch’s difficult-to-define policies.

The Korean artist told fans the bad news in a tweet today, claiming that Twitch’s Terms of Service are becoming too “restrictive.”

Saejin said that the Twitch staff was kind enough to let them know about the ban ahead of time so that the artist could back up videos, but it’s still becoming increasingly difficult to draw on the platform.

“TOS seems to be getting restrictive so the future of art on twitch seems wack,” Saejin said.

This ban comes a day after Twitch threw the book at illustrator Saruei for her lewd drawings, claiming that the material was suggestive and sexually-explicit.

“The clothes that I draw on the characters are exactly the same as they are in the video game; which is allowed to be streamed on Twitch’s Platform,” Saruei said. “I just want to understand what I did wrong, and how the drawings are different from what I’ve drawn in the last year.”

These bans continue Twitch’s trend of suspending streamers based on ambiguous Community Guidelines that don’t provide clear standards for what is and isn’t ban worthy.

To further the controversy, Twitch employee Darren “GeersArt” Geers was giving art advice to fans while broadcasting his illustration two days ago.

GeersArt’s NSFW illustration depicts a demonic woman who’s naked, with the majority of her breasts showing. In an ironic display of hypocrisy, his content is similar to Saejin and Saruei’s illustrations yet his channel hasn’t been banned.

Fans of Saejin can tune into the artist’s Twitch channel at the end of their three-day ban.