Amouranth makes ludicrous trade offer for JustaMinx’s boxing gloves and jill strap from Creator Clash

Amouranth makes an offer you can probably refuse.

Screengrab via Amouranth

Popular Twitch hot tub streamer Amouranth made a public offer for JustaMinx’s boxing gloves and jill strap used during her recent Creator Clash bout. In return for the boxing equipment, Amouranth requested to trade several of her notorious fart jars.

During the recent influencer boxing event Creator Clash, JustaMinx flaunted her boxing prowess and emerged as one of the most impressive fighters of the night. Winning her match against TikTok star Yodeling Haley, Minx won her first boxing match by TKO in front of the sold-out Tampa Bay audience of over 10,000 people.

This was a historic match because it was both of the women’s first time in the ring. The bout was also the first female influencer boxing matchup on record. JustaMinx potentially saw the value in selling off her gloves and jill strap in a Twitter bidding war, and Amouranth was quick to make an offer.

“Perhaps we can trade?” Amouranth replied under Minx’s initial post. “How many jars do you want?”

The hot tub streamer referred to her infamous fart jar company dubbed Cutie-Pa-TOOT-ies, which notably sold jars that claimed to contain her farts for the price of $1,000. The company also sold cups of hot tub water for the significantly lower price of $200, though these apparently weren’t on the table for a trade.

Cutie-Pa-TOOT-ies is no longer active, with no more jars or cups left to sell. But it seems that Amouranth has kept some inventory for potential trades such as this one. Minx has yet to respond to Amouranth’s absurd offer for her equally absurd auction.

If Amouranth is truly looking to purchase Minx’s used boxing equipment, she certainly has the financial means to do so and potentially may even have more luck with a monetary offer.