Amouranth gets Artosis’ mod unmodded after donation

An unexpected crossover.

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Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth recently made an unexpected appearance in Artosis’ chat, donating enough gifted subs to replace one of the Starcraft streamer’s moderators.

During a regular stream from the former Starcraft pro, Artosis saw a strange encounter with fellow Twitch streamer and OnlyFans creator Amouranth. Many viewers were shocked to see Amouranth make an appearance in the chat. Given her long history of playing Blizzard games, the cosplay streamer acknowledged that she follows Artosis and the Starcraft scene.

Artosis’ chat quickly joked about making Amouranth a mod in the place of a much longer-standing moderator on the channel, Gypsy. The Starcraft commentator set a goal of 10,000 bits, approximately $100, to unmod his current moderator and give the title to Amouranth. Unfortunately for Gypsy, Amouranth almost immediately donated the required amount in gifted subs.

Keeping his word, Artosis unmodded Gypsy but promised the user that he’d get back his moderator status back in a month. After a long stream of gifted subs, Amouranth enjoyed her new moderator position in Artosis’ chat at the expense of another. With over 50 subscribers gifted to Artosis, Amouranth certainly paid her way on the channel.

Both regular and new viewers thoroughly enjoyed the unanticipated crossover between the two streamers. While no one likely expected one of the most popular hot tub and ASMR creators to so closely follow a veteran of the Starcraft esports scene, Artosis and his community appreciated the donations and appearance of their newest moderator.