All Twitch badges and meanings

Know your badge.

To an outsider, Twitch may look simple. After all, it’s just a platform where people gather to watch other people play games. But it’s more than that, since Twitch built its culture with time and each channel on Twitch also has traditions of their own.

Once you step into the chat of a streamer you aren’t familiar with, you may be confused by all the inside jokes and the logos some viewers may have next to their names. The logos next to their names may mean they’re some of the more notable viewers of that stream, or they may just be there to showcase existing membership.

Here are all the Twitch badges and their meanings.

User-type chat badges

Twitch Staff badge – Screengrab via Twitch
  • Twitch Staff: This icon is only given to people who work at Twitch. If you see one of these icons in the chat, you may not want to overstep your boundaries toward other users.
Admin badge – Screengrab via Twitch
  • Admins: Admins have the closest-ranking badges to the Twitch Staff. The Admin badge is only given out to paid personnel who review reports and enforce Twitch’s Terms of Service.
Broadcasters badge – Screengrab via Twitch
  • Broadcasters: In most popular streams, there will be users who’ll create a secondary account with the same as the streamer but with a few different letters. These people may confuse some of the new viewers, since they may think they’re actually talking to the streamer. If you’re wondering whether you’re actually chatting with the owner of the channel, check to see if they have the red broadcaster icon next to their name.
Chat Moderator badge – Screengrab via Twitch
  • Chat moderator: All channels have rules, and moderators will be there to enforce them. Chat moderators, indicated by a green sword, are usually picked by the channel owner. 
Verified badge – Screengrab via Twitch
  • Verified: The Verified icon is only given to users who are verified by Twitch. Streamers get verified when they become partners with the platform.
VIP badge – Screengrab via Twitch
  • VIP: There will be some viewers who’ll be slightly more privileged than the rest of the chat. The VIP icon is only given to select people in the chat by streamers. Most VIPs tend to be close friends, relatives, or long-time members of the chat. VIPs are immune to chat and channel moderation settings, but they can still get time-outs from the broadcaster.

Chat badges

Turbo User badge – Screengrab via Twitch
  • Turbo User: The Turbo User icon is only given to users who are subscribed to Twitch’s monthly premium user service.
Prime Gaming User badge – Screengrab via Twitch
  • Prime Gaming User: The Prime Gaming User badge is given out to users who use Twitch’s premium user service with additional benefits, Amazon Prime.

Cheer and sub badges

Other ways of showing your support for the stream can also reward viewers with badges. Cheering and Sub Gifter badges are given out to players who Cheer the stream or gift subs to other viewers.

These sharing members of the community earn the following badges for the channel they’re in without a time limit, unless it’s a ranking badge. The top sub gifters and cheerers will also have a badge of their own, and if they lose their ranking, the badge may disappear.

Cheer Chat badges

Sub Gifter badges

Top Sub Gifter badges

Top Cheerer badges