All tasks and how to complete them on Airship in Among Us

There is plenty of new content.

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The new Among Us map, the Airship, is live for players around the world and it brings some new tasks to add some extra spice to the game.

In total, there are 18 locations, nine of which are new for this map, and throughout these locations are a series of new tasks. Tasks in Among Us function as one of the ways for crewmates to win the game by surviving and completing all tasks while avoiding the imposters.

Here is a list of all the tasks in Airship and how to complete them.

All tasks in Airship

Image via Innersloth

Calibrate Distributor

A returning task from other maps, Calibrate Distributor will require players to press a button to stop the rotating notch on a series of three wheels in a position that lines up with the connection running along the right-hand side.

Reset Breakers

Newly introduced to Airship, Reset Breakers task players with finding all seven numbered breakers around the room and pulling the lever down on each in ascending order from one to seven. The number assigned to each breaker will change every session, so remember to check each number before pulling the lever.

Fix Wiring

Another returning task that has been in all the previous maps, fixing wiring is as simple as dragging the colors from each side to match.

Divert Power

This task is the first part of a series that could wind up concluding several locations including Gap Room, Showers, Cockpit, and Mail Hall. Drag the highlighted dial up to its max and the task will be initiated.

Empty Garbage

Arguably the simplest task in the game, to empty the garbage all a player must do is drag the lever on the right-hand side down and hold it in position until the garbage has been emptied and the tasks show complete.

Enter ID

This returning task will have players enter a code into a keypad. The code necessary will be in the wallet displayed at the bottom of the screen and players can showcase the code by clicking the card to pull it out. Following this, press the green tick to confirm your code.


Download Data is another task making a return in Airship. Completing this is extremely easy, but the wait time does leave you vulnerable. All you must do is press the download button and wait until it has completed.

Put away Pistols

This new task is as self-explanatory as it gets. Line the weapons up with their holsters on the wall and the task will be completed.

Put away Rifles

Another similar task, players will need to line up two rifles with their holsters on the wall. Doing this will complete the task.

Sort Records

New to Airship, the sort records task is one of the longest on the map and has a few steps to complete. Firstly, select the files on the table in the center of the room. From here, you will need to select any of the files on the screen and a location will be highlighted where it must be returned. There are six cabinet draws and four bookcases that could potentially be its location. Take it to this location and slide it in place. Do this for the remaining files to complete the task.


Similarly to Download, press the upload button and wait out the progress bar to complete the task.

Rewind Tapes

In security on the Airship is a new task called Rewind Tapes. To complete this task, players must press the fast forward or rewind button on the tape recorder until it reaches the time displayed on the note in the center of the device. Once you are close to the time, press the pause button and adjust the time incrementally with the fast forward or rewind buttons until it is perfect.

Start Fans

This two-part task will begin with a panel that will reveal a code that must be memorized. This code consists of four symbols. Remember this and continue to the second panel where you will be asked to input that code once again to start up the fans and complete the task.

Fuel Engines

Returning from the original maps, fuel engine is a simple task that will be found in the Cargo Bay. To complete this task, players will need to hold the button present on the bottom right corner to fill up the silhouette of a fuel tank. Once it is full the task will be completed.

Unlock Safe

Yet another of the new tasks introduced in Airship is the Unlock Safe task also found in the Cargo Bay. This task presents players with the safe combination on a note in the top left and a dial to adjust. Turn the dial in the direction dictated under the first number until you have reached that number. The next step is to do the same for the second number. Once this has been completed, the vault should open and the task should be complete.

Polish Ruby

This new task is as simple as it seems. Players will be presented with a ruby gem that has scrapes and marks on its exterior. Using their cursor or finger, players must rub away these marks until the gem is completely clean this will complete the tasks.

Dress Manequin

This is another new task and it is one of the more interesting added in the latest update. In the vault room players will see a mannequin and when approached will be shown a selection of clothing to dress it with. At the top of the screen, there is an already-dressed mannequin and the task is to drag that same combination of clothing onto the bare mannequin present to the right.

Avert Crash Course

This task is the most unique of all those introduced in Airship. The task is only activated when an imposter triggers sabotage and must be attended to immediately by the crew. To complete it, the crew will have 90 seconds to input two codes onto two separate keypads present on the map. The code present alongside the keypad will change every ten seconds so the player must input as quickly as possible before the change. Given the refreshing of codes, this task is not possible for one player and requires a player at each keypad at the same time.