AGDQ raises $1 million for the eighth straight year

Another year, another incredible milestone.

Image via Games Done Quick

During the Sci-Fi block of games at Awesome Games Done Quick, the GDQ team and everyone watching were once again able to hit the $1 million mark in support of the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

This is the eighth year in a row the community has been able to hit that mark, and it was also the fastest it’s happened in the history of AGDQ. It was actually the best of any GDQ event, having hit it in just five days. 

The milestone was reached during SasquatchSensei’s run of Halo 3, which was the third bonus game on the AGDQ schedule, meaning the community had to donate $160,000 towards the run just to make it happen. 

As always, this milestone was only reached because of the dozens of talented speedrunners coming together and combining their efforts to put on an incredible event for charity. AGDQ Online 2021 has pushed through some technical difficulties to run games for a good cause, especially considering it was an event run entirely remotely due to COVID-19.

There are still two full days of 24-hour streams left to try and break the $3,164,002 record set by AGDQ 2020, which is the overall record set at any GDQ event to date.