Adin Ross drops first big update on Twitch streaming future since his shock April ban

It still isn't quite clear when he will be back.

Image via Instagram

Popular streamer Adin Ross has been absent from Twitch since he was permanently suspended earlier this year, but the star provided an update on his standing with the streaming platform earlier this week in a since-deleted tweet.

In a since-deleted post, which was shared from his alternate Twitter account on May 31, as reported by Dexerto, Ross suggested he was involved in a legal dealing with the streaming platform by sharing an image of a formal document and a mysterious caption: “I can’t stream. Here’s a hint why.”

He also reportedly shared a second post—on the same Twitter account—responding to fans who believe he has simply chosen not to stream recently.

“Ima say this once cause mfs think I’m choosing not to stream…,” Ross wrote. “I LITERALLY am not able to. Connect dots… don’t be fucking stupid. I’m dying over here. Haven’t been this sad in my entire life I’m losing it.”

Ross was indefinitely banned on the juggernaut streaming platform on April 20. The reason given by Twitch for his ban was continued use “Hateful Slurs or Symbols,” though the streamer has previously expressed that he was unaware of what has led to this being the case. His account has remained inactive since the suspension.

Since this ban, the streamer has not been active on his main social media account and there has been no news about his future in streaming. While Ross is a Twitch partner he also boasts a YouTube channel with more than 2.6 million subscribers.

If contractual issues are at play it may be possible the streamer’s time on Twitch is coming to an end, but for now, fans will just need to wait for further information from Ross.