A speedruner just finished Animal Crossing with 100 percent completion—and it took over 154 hours

How will speedrunners take to New Horizons?

Image via Nintendo

One insane speedrunner has just finished a run of Animal Crossing, finishing the game to 100 percent competition, and it took him over 154 hours to do it.

The run, which requires a player to collect all collectible items, including fish, isn’t for the faint-hearted and can require an insane amount of time in just grinding bells, the game’s currency. The speedrunner spent over 70 hours grinding the maximum amount of bells you can have for the Post Model and several hours on different items.

It is worth noting that the speedrun was not Real Time Attack (RTA), meaning the feat was not accomplished in one sitting but over multiple sittings where the clock was stopped and restarted.

What’s even crazier then the run itself and the speedrunner partaking and coming up with all the routes and possible ways to grind, is the fact some people out there have actually sat down and watched the entire thing.

It’s by far one of the longest speedruns we have ever seen.

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch a mere few weeks away, we wonder how speedrunners will take to that game.